A carriage is a key piece of baby gear greatly needed right from the beginning until a kid can walk a distance on his own.

If you plan to take your child on short walks around park or for shopping, you’ll need a baby carrier which will support your child and keep safe.

It’s also a  great help for the mother or father who’s carrying the child throughout the park.

Soft Structured Carrier

This is probably what most parents have in mind when they think about baby carriers. Soft structured carriers come with padded shoulder straps and thick, padded waistband that you need to fasten around your waist. Once you’ve done that the fabric creates a pouch for the baby. The panel (the fabric on the bottom where the baby sits in) should be wide enough to provide the support for baby’s hips and legs, from one knee to knee.

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Backpack Carriers

This type of baby carriers is designed for wearing like a backpack and it can be used only for children who can sit unassisted and have good neck control.

Here the seat is framed and the baby stays in sitting position the whole type.

Usually backpack carriers have padded shoulder straps and additional straps that you should fasten around your waist and chest. It’s not only more secured for the baby this way, but also helps with proper weight distribution.

Backpack carriers are useful for wearing the baby for longer period. Some of them are designed for hiking, walking in the woods etc. If you want your toddler or preschooler to keep you company during exploring outdoors, this is the best and most comfortable solution.

If you plan on taking your little one on your outdoors adventures, you need a good-quality and safe carrier. Check my article about best baby carriers for hicking and prepare for your exploration properly.