Are you a mother or a mom-to-be?

You’re certain to have your hands full of all sorts of things. Thank the smart guy who invented the baby stroller.

Strollers are extremely effective for navigating life with your child.
A carriage is a key piece of baby gear greatly needed right from the beginning until a kid can walk a distance on his own.

It makes going out of the house with your infant or toddler much easier, so you’ll have your money’s worth out of any baby carriage you choose.

Your baby deserves the coziest and safest life!

The best baby carriages provide the comfort and safety of your baby, a convenient place for the child and all necessary stuff when you’re on the go.

Among various options out there, how to know which one to choose?

There are numerous types of strollers worth considering when looking for the perfect fit for your baby and your family lifestyle.

Considering the neighborhood, you live in, where you’re supposed to push your stroller, and how much you want to consume. A stroller ride also can help your baby fall asleep on the way as they love the journey and the fresh air.

In case you need a stroller mainly for quick chores, you can simply order a simple car-seat stroller frame for infants and a lightweight stroller for older ones.

If you plan to take your child on long walks around the city, you’ll need a baby carrier that’s firm but easy to move over curbstones, probably in and out of shops and through public transport. If you live in a provincial or rural district, in this case, your carriage should be easy to fold and fit in your car.

Buying a new baby carriage might be a real challenge.

You might ask yourself common questions:

Does it have a good suspension?
Are the wheels reliable enough for rough terrain?
Is there a sunshade that protects baby from the sun?
And what’s the storage like?
Is the folding mechanism easy to operate?

To narrow down your search, answer the questions above, consider how much space is needed and how many babies you need to accommodate. Once you concentrate on specific points of your lifestyle, the choice will be a lot less stressful.

Instead of examining hundreds of potential options, we have detailed research for you.

To help you out of the maze we’ve organized all the strollers in 5 basic categories.

Types of strollers:

You can choose out of several types of strollers

  • Standard Baby Strollers
  • Baby Stroller Travel Systems
  • Lightweight Baby Strollers
  • Jogger Baby Strollers
  • Tandem Strollers

Standard or all-purpose strollers appear in numerous designs and styles, but will mostly have a comfortable padded seat that can recline into different positions. The big advantage of all-purpose strollers is convertibility and high-performance features. Standard strollers work for kids of all ages. They don’t need extra features as they are very comfortable and multi-functional.

They can vary from simple and inexpensive strollers to high-end strollers stuffed up with various features.

Best standard or all-purpose strollers

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Simple and lightweight baby stroller can sit and lie foldable high landscape two-way baby carriage

Most are adjusted to grow with your family: from single to double, even a triple with a glider board for older kids. Most of them accept a pram, an infant car seat or a bench seat.

Car-seat stroller frames aren’t fully functioning strollers. They are lightweight metal frames which is designed to support specific kinds of infant car seats. All you need is to remove the car seat from its place in the car and fasten it into the stroller frame. And you’re moving!

Car seats are particularly helpful when your sleeping child is needed to be taken out of the back seat of the car without being awakened. It’s a real challenge!

Baby Stroller Travel Systems are a two in one package, they are standard or jogging carriages that can also carry an infant car seat.

Travel systems are much heavier, bigger and way more expensive than stroller frames, but you can use this carriage without the car seat whenever your baby is old enough to keep up his head straight. It appears to be a perfect match of a stroller and perfectly fitting infant car seat.

Best Baby Stroller Travel Systems

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Imports Of Baby Stroller High Landscape Can Sit And Lie Flat Portable Folding Dual Purpose Newborn

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Many models can change from one option to another.

Most have sunshades and canopy, big storage areas below the seat and the peekaboo window to look through and watch the baby. In some baby carriages, the child faces forward, while on others you can place the child looking back at you.

Lightweight or Umbrella strollers

One day you will realize how sick and tired you are of your extremely heavy stroller, which occupies all free space in your trunk and is a real pain in the neck.

Most of the families prefer a multipurpose standard stroller for everything, while some parents may buy a lightweight umbrella stroller when they decide to have a thin and fast folding stroller.

Best Lightweight or Umbrella strollers

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Jogging strollers are 3- wheeled strollers with a light frame that provide a smooth drive for both pusher and passenger. Some models can carry more than one baby.

Best Jogging strollers

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Child Tricycle Easy Folding Bicycle Rotatable Seat Baby TrolleyThree Wheel Baby Stroller Kids Bike Pram Baby Carriage 6M-6Y

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12inch air filled rubber wheel baby stroller, high landscape baby jogger, 31cm big wheel baby pram with aluminum alloy frame

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Jogging strollers are a perfect choice for parents who prefer jogging and power-walking with their babies.

These baby carriages are stable, large, pretty lightweight and usually have three wheels and a suspension system for a smooth drive. There’s an emergency brake to stop when it’s needed. Some models can recline and some accept a car seat. They are excellent for older kids and toddlers.

However the size makes it harder to walk through stores, elevators and go upstairs and downstairs, also they don’t fold as compactly as other strollers.

Tandems or Double strollers

There are 2 models: side-by-side or one-behind-the-other and If parents need to wheel around with two or three little ones, they can choose a tandem or side-by-side option, they are great for older kids. Some fully recline, yet others don’t, and in this case, you’ll need to purchase baby car seat adaptor or a bassinet for baby carriage.

Best Tandems or Double strollers

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Foldable Twins Stroller, can Split into 2 Single Baby Stroller, twins can sit can lie baby pram, lightweight baby carriage

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Twin Baby Stroller Double Seat Child Tricycle Kids Bike Rotatable Seat Three Wheel Stroller Protable Pushchair

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Boy and girl Twin Stroller Two Way Baby Stroller Light And Foldable Baby Umbrella carts Can Sit and lie trolley brand baby car
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Boy and girl Twin Stroller Two Way Baby Stroller Light And Foldable Baby Umbrella carts Can Sit and lie trolley brand baby car

In Tandem models, one child sits behind the other, while the side-by-side model allows the kids to have the same amount of space and face the same view.

Tandem models are easier to fit through doorways and can configure in different ways for different ages and sitting positions.

Some models allow the older babies to stand on a platform that is being added behind the baby’s seat.

Side-by-side strollers are easier to control and regulate compared with tandem models, however, it’s almost impossible to go through a narrow aisle or a doorway.

Whichever stroller you choose, be sure that it will make your life comfy and cool.